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The Most Powerful Advertising Ever!

Our personalized video ad technology goes beyond any others, by incorporating list building, personalized text, videos and speech and even Facebook Pixel tracking.


Our personalized videos start by capturing an opt-in permission and lead data, accompanied by a link to our privacy policy. This data is collected in a spreadsheet and a notification email can be sent to your inbox. We also use a webhook to bring the viewer's info into our client's existing email automation program, such as Campaign Monitor, Aweber or Constant Contact instantly.


  • Name, photo, geo-location personalization
  • List builder data capture into spreadsheets or email programs
  • Easy opt-in choices that repopulate form entries
  • Audio personalization through text-to-speech with accurate voices
  • Facebook Pixel tracking and lead source identification
  • Viewing data analytics via our Dashboard screen captures

Then the video plays if the viewer completes the request for info. (We can also install a button that allows the viewer to skip the form fill.) It uses the info to personalize elements in the video, even some of the audio! For example, You might see see and hear your name, and your city, and even your profile photo, in Facebook or LinkedIn. Geo-locations are also personalized, for marketers working with that kind of data. Studies show that people respond more favorably to personalized videos that seem targeted to their needs and solutions.

Additionally, our WideWorld personalized videos can be connected to Facebook events, which get recorded and appear in Analytics in the Facebook Ad Manager through the use of the Facebook Pixel. The Pixel can now be used by our videos, as easily as it can be used with website pages. And since we are capturing spreadsheet data of Facebook users, we can use that data to improve the results of future campaigns by using it to identify Look-Alike Audiences and Custom Audiences in our next ad campaigns.

The WideWorld personalized video can also be configured to report back its own analytics, capturing views, devices and other such information. It works with easy split testing to examine the hardest-working variables in the ads, such as copy, images, videos and targeted audiences.

Best of all, your existing videos can be transformed into WideWorld Personalized videos, where we can add the personalization features. You can direct us to your YouTube videos which we download and add to a project, and then we send you the working link to the personalized ad for review and approval. Changes are edited into the materials and once approved, the ads can start out as Facebook posts which are then boosted right from your company page.

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